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PES is the principal property management provider and Escrow Services in Mexico for cross border transactions. We provide a familiar process enabling our clients to settle transactions with safety, security and flexibility. As a Mexican-based company, we are subject to Mexican laws regarding the performance of escrow services.

PES handles the portfolio of international investors and developers and is a leading provider of commercial title insurance, real estate settlement and corporate escrow services for foreign and domestic transactions. We are the principal property management in Mexico for international partners. We protect your investment while also ensuring your passive income actually stays passive. PES:

1-     Enables you to invest without geographic barriers.
Real Estate will always need a local presence. A local property manager will know how to best optimize the maintenance and marketing of your property for where it’s located. Hiring a residential property management company allows you to own in markets that fit your Investing goals – without geographic limitations.

2-     Know landlord-tenant laws and regulations.
Not only will your property manager have strong expertise of current laws, regulations and ordinances, they’ll also know how to correctly address them.

3-     Respond to maintenance requests.
Your residential property management company will proactively handle requests and complaints, including after-hours emergencies, solving maintenance issues and preventing any code violations.

4-     Market your property.
For every day your property sits empty- it costs you. Property managers make sure the home is rent-ready and aggressively market it.

5-     Collect rent and handles delinquencies.
Property management companies take care of all landlord-tenant interactions and communicate expectations upfront through clearly outlined rent policies.



To continue to act in the best interest of our clients, to protect and defend their rights and assets and be accountable to our Bar Association’s rules of Ethical Conduct as well as international professional standards.


Continue to grow as the most recommended and respected Prime Escrow Solutions in Mexico for foreigners living or investing in Mexico.


Ethics, Professionalism, Honesty, and Respect, with transparent and open communication with our clients.



Buying and selling real estate should be three things: simple, affordable, and effortless.

PES is transforming how real estate transactions work. We offer real estate businesses the tools they need to scale and stay on top of all aspects of a transaction, and give homeowners peace of mind. But our larger purpose extends beyond that. We want to simplify a 150-year-old industry to make it the way it was intended fair, straightforward, affordable and improve the quality of people’s lives.

PES is a neutral third party that helps coordinate transactions between homeowners and their lender or real estate institution. We take care of the title search, policy, settlement, and escrow by pairing intuitive software with real, human expertise. To us, it’s about giving all parties peace of mind and more time to focus on what they care about.

From homeowners and real estate attorneys to established lending institutions and new startups, PES supports all parties involved in real estate transactions in and out Mexican borders. Our mission is to create the new standard in real estate transactions. Real estate transactions are notoriously opaque, complex, confusing, invasive, and costly regardless of location or economic standing. PES is committed to empowering everyone, from first time homeowners to seasoned professionals.

We’re a group of industry professionals, devoted to creating a better title and closing experience.

We don’t accept the status quo as the end goal. We are always looking to improve current products, processes, experience, and life.

We look to solve real problems and don’t back down from ones with complex or even unclear solutions. We recognize that this means we have to work harder than our industry peers, and relish that challenge.

Now celebrating more than 8 years of impacting Mexican landscape through the brokerage of hundreds of residential properties and exclusive developments from The Rivera Maya QR. to Los Cabos BCS. CPC Real Estate Transactions continues to set market milestones and maintain position as the top-selling, luxury brokerage in The Mexican Coast.

Luis Antonio Villaseñor – CEO is the driving force behind PES Real Estate transactions and has tremendously elevated the level of profession and marketing power alongside supporting the rise of the premier destinations in Mexico’s hottest places to #VacationInvestRetire.

With a team of multi-lingual top producing Agents and support staff assisting in 3 offices in Mexico Real Estate represents an exclusive roster of luxury properties spanning Mexico’s most desirable locations. From premium homeowner properties in the top-level communities to our exclusive developer private listings all of which offer high quality services and a wide array of lifestyle amenities for the discerning buyer with access to exclusive local prices that our exclusive associated long term partners offers.

PES is proud to partner with the best of the best in the industry forming strategic collaborations and creating opportunities for building extraordinary business and positively serves to solidify the brokerage´s dominant position in the Mexican Coast market. Staying at the forefront of the industry and ensuring the profiling of Mexico luxury real estate to international clientele, the brokerage offers a multitude of unique sales and marketing possibilities for all clients, providing both buyers and sellers with a direct line to anywhere in the world.

Having chosen Mexico as home, the entire PES team is ready to help clients learn more the extraordinary excitement surrounding real estate opportunities in the market today.

Our Focus is on serving our clients to connect with luxury real estate through competence, exclusivity, and passion. Having raised the level of premium services and the enjoyment of high standard living for the last 8 years, ‘luxury‘ continues to be the key tenet behind the PES brand.


Luis Antonio Villaseñor - CEO
Juan Guillermo Gonzalez - General Manager
Marcos Ramirez - CMO
Daniela Olivas - Escrow Administrator
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