Legal Disclosure

PES is a technology company building tools to improve the efficiency and transparency of title insurance and the real estate closing process. In order to achieve these goals, PES serves as a holding company of several licensed entities. These entities are licensed either as a title insurance agent, an escrow agent, or both collectively we refer to the entities as “PES” herein.

In some states PES is able to offer only escrow services because it is not licensed as a title agent. In instances where title insurance is requested but where PES is only licensed as an escrow agent, PES works with our title insurance underwriter’s direct operations. When that occurs, all title insurance premium is remitted to the underwriter (who may reimburse us for certain services in the performance of clearing title) and only the closing or escrow fee is paid to PES.

PES provides title, Management and escrow services as title agency and having as its purpose the operation, administration and handling real estate transactions, as well all activities that may be related thereto, and having federal tax identification number DMV840927T86.

Title insurance and Real Estate closings in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Cancun Quintana Roo, Los Cabos Baja California Sur, licensed attorney in that jurisdiction (state) must perform certain services which are considered the “practice of law” in that jurisdiction. In states that require an attorney to perform certain or all services as of part of your transaction PES will recommend a licensed attorney or law firm and engage that attorney on your behalf. Your payments for those services will go directly to that attorney or law firm, as is disclosed to you on the closing disclosure or similar document showing your charges. That attorney works for the purchaser of the title insurance, not PES. If you wish to use a different attorney or law firm PES will coordinate with your choice. If your choice of attorney is unable to provide the service level that PES expects, we will inform you and, upon consultation, terminate our relationship with you on this transaction. Regardless of the attorney-used, you will be charged the exact amount the attorney or law firm charges for the services. PES does not mark up those costs and the money you pay for legal services goes directly to the attorney or law firm, as that attorney represents you and not PES.

States that require the use of an attorney for a real estate transaction vary in the level of involvement necessary to transact your purchase or refinance. It is PES default to engage an attorney on your behalf to the extent required by law in the state, except as otherwise stated in this disclosure. If you wish to have an attorney do more than the default noted above you may instruct PES to coordinate with the attorney working on your behalf for additional services. These additional services may cost additional fees from the attorney or law firm.

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