Real Estate Escrow

Our Property Management escrow services provide a familiar process and enable our clients to securely settle transactions with safety, security and flexibility. As a Mexican based company, we are subject to Mexican laws regarding the performance of escrow services as an intermediary. Our standard escrow agreements are governed by Mexican law. Our settlement professionals have been trained and we are skilled in transactions ranging from small condominiums to large, multi-site portfolios of commercial property. Real estate closing practices in Mexico differ significantly from the standard Mexican processes. Our goal is to assist you in making your closing efficient and smooth, while ensuring that the terms of the escrow agreement are met.

Real estate settlement (commonly referred to as closing or escrow services) typically includes accepting funds and documents from the parties to the transaction pursuant to a written escrow agreement, and holding them for delivery to the proper parties when stated conditions have occurred.

Commercial Transactions

We specialize in assisting clients with complex and demanding commercial real estate transactions, including multi-state and multi-property matters. We bring a focus and intensity that are unparalleled and our settlement professionals work diligently to cultivate our reputation for superior levels of client service. By employing leading technology solutions, we provide our clients and their advisors with convenient, efficient online communications regarding transaction status and other important closing matters.

Residential Transactions

Like our commercial settlement staff, our residential settlement teams have extensive experience in assisting buyers and sellers with complex transactions. We are committed to enhanced levels of communication through our online transaction management platform, which allows all parties to stay up-to-date on the real-time status of transactions. We tailor services and solutions to meet your needs.

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