Title Insurance

The land transfer and “notario público” process in Mexico a notario acknowledges and certifies a property transfer, which provides “judicial certainty” as to the authenticity of the process. Without title insurance, a buyer may find it very difficult to recover monetarily for errors and omissions of a notario público in the transfer process.

The Title Insurance market in Mexico PES can facilitate the purchase of a Mexican style Title Insurance policy to protect against recording errors, liens, encumbrances, encroachments, taxes and boundary line disputes, plus fraud, misrepresentation, impersonation, secret marriages, incapacity of parties and undisclosed heirs.

All real estate transactions involve elements of risk, PES Title Insurance polices provide protection for these risks. In Mexico, the Public Registry System provide legal assurance to the real estate transactions; nevertheless, they do not provide economic assurance if something goes wrong. The system is not foolproof! Increasingly issues like title fraud, identity theft, and errors in the public registry are leaving owners and lenders exposed to potentially expensive and time consuming litigation or even worse loss in part or whole of an interest in a property. PES Title policies provide the solution.

Underwriting a property’s Title Insurance

Conducting a rigorous title investigation, PES develops a robust summary of a property’s title, often dating to the title’s origin. Utilizing the detailed investigation, PES underwriters asses the property’s title and then insure policy holders against potential losses resulting from matters affecting the title.

Types of matters covered:

Invalid documents executed under expired/non-existent power.
False assumption of identity concerning the legitimate property owner.
Liens and financial burdens charged to the previous property owner.
Non registered easements.

The thorough nature of the title investigation along with the risk assumption by PES gives policy holders an unparalleled level of protection from loses associated with a property’s title.

Legal Defense Coverage

Besides paying for loses associated with covered title matters, PES policies provide for the payment of legal fees associated with defending the title to an insured title.

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